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Adventures in Teacher Training: Britt Hunter

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I was fortunate enough to complete the 9-month 200-hour Teacher Training program through Yoga on High’s Teacher Training Institute between September 2013 and July 2014. I say fortunate because the program was an absolute gift to my entire being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I was inspired to dive heart first into the program after practicing with many of the amazing teachers at Yoga on High. Each of the teachers of the program offered their diverse knowledge in their respective strengths to give a holistic education that not only provided a well-rounded understanding of yoga, but also helped me learn and develop my own strengths as a yoga instructor, which is essential if you want to teach. There is so much to learn about yoga. The best way to approach it is to find what you do best and go as deep as possible into that. One of the great aspects about the Teacher Training Program is you have access to whatever teachers/mentors most closely align with your approach to yoga: from anatomy and asana gurus to pranayama and meditation sages to just getting juicy, it’s all there.

Throughout the 9 months, I was crown deep in all 8 limbs of yoga as we navigated through anatomy and asanas, pranayama, meditation and my personal favorite, yoga philosophy. The pacing was perfect and I’m so glad I completed a program that spanned over 9 months rather than a shorter program. The amount of transformation you experience, if you allow yourself, is profound, and having enough time to go to new depths of understanding allowed me to emerge a completely “upcycled” person.

As I always say in my yoga classes, you control the depth of your experience. You can go as deep or stay as shallow as you’d like and the teachers/mentors are there for you if you lose your way. For me, tantra yoga (via the suggested reading in the Radiance Sutras) seemed to eloquently describe my approach to life and yoga. As such, I was naturally drawn to the Sekoia Yoga classes as I mentored with Karine and eventually also became certified to teach Sekoia.

I think it’s important to note that on my own journey, I’ve become acutely aware of the temptation and sway towards the instant gratification and posture-centered world of yoga; and it can sometimes feel like a high school popularity contest out there. I’m truly grateful for the grounded training I had at Yoga on High to keep perspective. It’s easy to get caught up in rocking a perfect handstand to post on Instagram, but thanks to my foundational training at Yoga on High, I haven’t lost sight of the core of my practice and my journey. For me, this makes my personal practice and my teaching way more fulfilling.

The 200-hour program was just the beginning for me, as I quickly realized the wealth of information and philosophy out there. After completing the program, I’ve had a pretty unique journey: quitting my job as a lawyer, opening a pop-up yoga studio in my small hometown in Ohio, moving to India and teaching yoga in exchange for a place to live, meeting my now husband there and then moving to Australia, where I completed a level 2 (500 hour) teacher training program. I’m now teaching regular classes here on the sunny Gold Coast. It’s amazing to see how my life has changed, and, when I look back, the biggest push in my journey of consciousness was going through the Yoga Teacher Program at Yoga on High. I am eternally grateful and ever humbled to have the great fortune of being on this path in this lifetime. It’s an absolute gift. Yeeewww!!

Britt was practicing yoga before she even realized what yoga was; whether she found herself in deep contemplation in the forest, running barefoot through the grass, stretching after a nap under the trees or savoring the sweet air at dawn. Britt came to formally practice yoga when she needed a space to reconnect while she attended law school. Inspired by the ancient teaching of tantra yoga, Britt completed her 200 hour RYT through Yoga on High’s Teacher Training Institute in Columbus, Ohio. She is amidst her 500 hour RYT training through Essence of Living on the Gold Coast in Australia, where she lives and teaches yoga.

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