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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a mind, body and spirit approach to health and wellness. It takes into consideration the wholeness of an individual and uses the education of five sense treatments, including diet, herbs, mantras, meditation, yoga, aromas, massage, colors, music, cleanses, and other therapeutic lifestyle changes to maintain wellness, prevent illness, and restore health.

In an Ayurvedic consultation there is a focus on education so that you may identify the root cause of your health imbalance by understanding your unique constitution. As a practitioner, we look to educate you so that you may make the choices to restore balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit, 

Ayurveda is an accessible practice that is truly for everyone. Ayurveda is a practice that allows you to take responsibility of your health while giving you the tools to make small changes over time. It is a lifestyle practice that meets you where you are.&nbsp

Schedule an Ayurvedic Consultation:

Ayurvedic Health Educators, Aimee Pruitt and Breanna Mustard, are currently offering Ayurvedic consultations at Yohi 1020 (1020 Dennison Ave on the 2nd floor).  To schedule a session please reach out to our practitioners individually via email or through their websites. 

Meet our Practitioners:

Aimee Pruitt RN, BSN, A.H.E., RYT-200
Aimee guides her clients through dietary modifications and lifestyle changes including meditation, pranayama, yoga and evaluation of sleep to ease suffering in the body and mind. She is available to see clients in person at 1020 Dennison Ave Columbus, Ohio (located within the YOHI 1020 studio) or via Skype or other video conferencing. To schedule a session, email aimee@aimeepruitt.com or visit www.aimeepruitt.com to learn more and to begin your journey back to balance and vitality

Meet Aimee.
I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years and have always been drawn to the healing arts.  I became increasingly frustrated with the ability to help my patients ease their suffering and improve their health and I sought to discover other modalities.  Stumbling upon Ayurveda at a workshop, I was drawn to it immediately.&nbsp

Ayurveda honors that we are each unique individuals and how we approach our health and healing should be just as unique.  Ayurveda approaches the health journey in a completely holistic way, honoring not just the body, but the mind, emotions, our connection to nature and to the Divine. 

Ayurveda has allowed me to not only find peace in my own mind and body but has completely changed the course of my life and career. Bringing my history as a nurse into my Ayurveda practice, I am able to marry the two sciences and meet the client right where they are today on their own health and wellness journey. 

Breanna Mustard BA, A.H.E., RYT-200
Breanna uses a nurturing approach that empowers others to find balance through the activities they already practice in their everyday lives. She holds a BA in Integrative & Alternative Health and Wellness and is a certified yoga instructor and Ayurveda Health Educator currently enrolled in her first internship. She encourages others to work towards the understanding and compassion of their own selves as they already are.  To Schedule an Ayurveda session with Breanna, email breanna.mustard@gmail.com or for more information regarding consultations, visit wellnessandayurveda.com.

Nice to Meet You! I’m Breanna.
I am passionate about the practice of Ayurveda because it has shown me how simple it can be for each of us to live the life we desire. We all aim to feel balanced, to become more present, and to have more clarity in our everyday lives.

I’ve been practicing Ayurveda in my personal life for a few years now. My understanding of the play between the elements of the world has helped me empower my own life, and as a result I am drawn to share this with others.

My hope is to guide others to become more happy, healthy and present as they journey through this world. My own experience with the practice of Ayurveda has given me a new dimension from which to understand myself, and it is my hope that it will do the same for you.

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