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Ayurveda Training

Ayurvedic Foundations for Personal Wellness & Vibrant Living

Join Breanna Mustard in a foundational and experiential course in Ayurveda that takes you through a journey of self-discovery, self-care and ultimately self-love. Learn how to live a yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle and curate personalized daily practices and rituals to empower the optimal environment for your body to heal itself and abide in its innate wholeness.

In this fun and interactive 6-week series, there will be a mixture of lecture, experiential practices and group work. You will be tasting food and herbs, making aromatherapy blends, playing with sound bowls and vibration, chanting, using crystals, learning self-massage techniques, practicing pranayama, meditation and creating a personalized wellness plan for your life while making new friends and being in a supportive community.

1. February 6 – What is Ayurveda and Prakruti
2. February 13 – The Mind and Vikruti
3. February 20 – Diet
4. February 27 – Touch and Routine
5. March 6 – Smell and Vision
6. March 13 – Sound

This course that has weekly journaling, homework and requires the purchasing of specific tools including a neti pot, tongue scraper, body oil, and essential oil supplies. These supplies are available at the Yoga on High boutique. On your first module, you will receive a binder with printed resources and a journal. Students receive a supplies list with the option of purchasing a bag with the series for a discount. At each session you will unlock the course materials and be provided with gifts for you to dive deeply into Ayurvedic five sensory wisdom.

This course is open to the general-public; including those new to Ayurveda or yoga and/or those interested in deepening their existing wisdom. On completion of all 6-classes a certificate of completion will be given.


Breanna Mustard



Tuesdays beginning February 6th through March 13th from 6:15p to 8:15p



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