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Ayurveda Training

Ayurvedic Foundations for Personal Wellness & Vibrant Living

Join Jasmine Grace and the Yoga on High Teacher Training and Ayurveda Institute’s faculty in a foundational and experiential course in Ayurveda that takes you through a journey of self-discovery, self-care, and ultimately self-love. Learn how to live a yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle and curate personalized daily practices and rituals to empower the optimal environment for your body to heal itself and abide in its innate wholeness. 

  "Ayurveda is life. It's how we see the world - food, color, smell -everything!" -Student

In this fun and interactive eight-week series, Jasmine will lead the class in a mixture of lecture, experiential practices, and group work. Together we will be tasting food and herbs, making aromatherapy blends, playing with sound bowls and vibration, chanting, using crystals, learning self-massage techniques, practicing pranayama, and engaging in meditation. By the end of the series, you will leave with a personalized wellness plan, along with the support of new friends and a supportive community.

During the eight weeks, we will explore the following topics:

"I loved this workshop so much. One thing I will carry with me for the rest of my life is the fact that there is no one definition of health.Health for everyone does not mean only green juice and kale. Health looks different for everyone. This has helped me so drastically in a number of ways. I'm eternally grateful for this ancient wisedom and knowledge." -Samantha

1.     Ayurvedic Foundations & Constitution

2.     Vikruti, the Mind, and Meditation

3.     Diet and Digestion (Taste)

4.     Body Care & Beauty Rituals (Touch)

5.     Aromatherapy and Wellness (Smell)

6.     The Healing Power of Sound (Sound)

7.     Healing with Color, Gemstones, and Enlightened Environments (Sight)

8.     Empowering your life with Ayurvedic Ritual and Spiritual Connection

"The first time we chanted was amazing for me. I will always remember this class.I continue to meditate and will continue always.So happy to have been introduced to Ayurveda. I will cherish these classes." -Ashley

Ayurveda is a true lifestyle change, so be prepared to spend some time developing your new lifestyle changes outside of class. This course involves weekly journaling, and yes there will be homework!! On your first module, you will receive a binder with printed resources, a journal, and a gift bag that will serve as tools in your journey. At each subsequent session you will unlock new course materials and be provided with gifts to enable your deep dive into the five-sensory wisdom of Ayurveda. You will also need to purchase a few additional supplies, including a neti pot, tongue scraper, body oil, and essential oils. You can find these items at the Yoga on High boutique.

This course is open to the general public, including those new to Ayurveda or yoga and/or those interested in deepening their existing wisdom. On completion of all 8 classes, you will receive a certificate of completion along with 16 Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.


Jasmine Grace and Faculty



Tuesdays beginning January 23rd through March 13th from 6:15p to 8:15p



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