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Wendy Kendall

Wendy Kendall began studying Ayurveda in May of 2016 at Yoga on High. She is now an Ayurvedic Health Educator and will be continuing on to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner and eventually, a doctor of Ayurveda.

Wendy was familiar with Ayurveda, but never realized it was something that was practiced in the US. She came across the Ayurvedic program  by randomly searching on the internet for a yoga class. At that time in her life, she was at a crossroads. A Masters level licensed social worker with over 20 years of experience, she was working in a managerial role at a large health plan in Columbus. Although it paid the bills, it wasn't feeding her soul and making her happy. She had been actively searching for something else, but wasn't sure what that "something else" was yet. 

When she leaned about the Ayurvedic program offered at Yoga on High, she had an "a-ha" moment. She had always been interested in alternative and holistic approaches to health and well-being. As she gathered information and read further about the curriculum, it became apparent that Ayurveda was the path for her. Three months later, she was enrolled. Wendy is passionate about helping others achieve balance and harmony in their lives to create a healthier planet one person at a time. Wendy is also a level II Reiki practitioner who is currently working toward becoming a Reiki master.Her ultimate goal is to have a successful private practice, work in tandem with Western medical professions as well as write, lecture and teach on the subject of Ayurveda.  

Wendy enjoys Ayurveda, Reiki, traveling, spending time with her husband and family and learning about people. She can be contacted at  614-893-6940 or by email at wendy@ayurvedawellnessohio.com. To schedule a consultation, please call her directly at 614-893-6940 or visit her website at www.ayurvedawellnessohio.com.

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