Jodi Patton

Jodi Patton, RMT, RYT, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Director of Reiki at Yoga on High, has practiced energy healing since 1989 and Reiki since 1998. An earnest Reiki practitioner, meditator and yoga teacher, Jodi brings to her Reiki practice a blend of mindfulness from Usui Reiki Ryoho, Patanjali’s eight-fold yoga path, and the devoted study of sacred texts. Jodi has enjoyed attuning and training many groups and individuals to all levels of Reiki. As an integrative energy practitioner, she served in the start-up and development of a healing retreat center located in Vermont. Enhanced by continual studies with various esteemed energy practitioners, Jodi feels blessed to have received the Komyo Kai Ho Shihan certification in 2010.

In describing what becoming a Reiki Master means to her, Jodi reflects that the master attunement was a big step that allowed her to take a deeper look at her life purpose and she it continues to inspire her to make Reiki a daily part of her life. It sprang from a sincere desire to help others as well as to develop and express important virtues like compassion, cooperation and kindness. This path required deep self study and meditation on Universal Life Force energy and continues to be a journey that fosters in her an outpouring of love and understanding for those around her.

Jodi volunteers in her community where she holds various leadership positions. She enjoys playing tennis.  Jodi lives in Upper Arlington with her two kids and canine companion, Luci-Lu who champion the ever-growing dedication to her practice.

“As I come to know myself as a hollow bamboo that the Universal Life Force flows through, I allow this love to radiate out into the world through my Reiki and yoga practice.”—Jodi Patton

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