Michele Vinbury

Michele is not typically a morning person.

She loves language; letters, words, poetry.   She sees yoga as a language of sorts; a form of self-expression, a vehicle for communication, a practice of deep connection.

Michele is most at home when surrounded by rocks, moss and trees.  In the woods, as on the yoga mat, it just feels easier to breathe.

More than one person has called Michele a starburst.  People have described her as electric, as beautiful, hilarious, magic (and at times a pain in the #$$ too!) 

It is true that sometimes she takes things too seriously.  Mostly though, she is playful and light hearted.  Michele likes to laugh.  A lot.  And she does laugh - a lot.  Other people who like to laugh find themselves laughing with her - a lot.  Which makes her heart happy. 

It has been noticed that Michele seems to inspire silliness, which is potentially off-putting for people who value seriousness and austerity and composure and modesty and strict adherence to rules, but that’s okay, she knows that she can’t make everyone happy. 

Michele has a very active imagination (as most life-long children do,) and she’s always been good at asking questions...Currently, she is interested in what the feeling of moonlight might taste like (does lemonade taste like a square feels?)  How would one make indoor snow fall at the end of a Sekoia class (think magic snowflakes a la Edward Scissorhands)?  What is the perfect soundtrack for the color green (must it include the sound of bullfrogs?)  How long will it take for her to be completely fluent in Ohio birdsong?  Who do you have to know to be reincarnated as a firefly….?  (Rest assured, this is an abridged list of her wonderings.)

 It is her deepest heart’s calling and most sincere life goal to love people.  A lot.

A lot - a lot.  

And to let people love her too.

(Michele teaches yoga asana.  and meditation.  and pranayama.  

and she is one of the owners of the studios...)

 What students are saying: 

Michele introduced me to a beautiful practice [iRest Yoga Nidra] that brought awareness and a level of healing I had not experienced before.  Her kind and gentle spirit certainly contributed to my experience. - Student Survey
​Michele bursts with buoyant energy and brings the biggest smile to my face. She is known for making people laugh and encouraging them to let go.  I am constantly blown away by her ability to truly connect with her students, to care deeply about them and inspire them daily.  - Kelli S.
This Thoreau quote best describes Michele:  "You must walk sometimes perfectly free - not prying nor inquisitive - not bent upon seeing things - Throw away a whole day for a single expansion."  -A.T.
I feel truly grateful to have been paired with Michele as my mentor during my Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga on High. I have had the chance to take many of her classes and assist in them as well. She is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner with an abundance of energy. I appreciate that she was (during my training) and continues to be very approachable, always open to answering questions, having discussions and offering hands on practice/demos. I love how she is able to connect "real life" experiences to the mat whether it's exploring specific feelings such as joy, wonder, grief or just exploring where you are... right here and right now. She is a dynamic and interactive teacher from whom I am continually learning.  - Alissa J.
You hear it all the time, "be true to yourself," but it wasn't until Michele told me to do just that I finally got it. From experiencing one of her totally rad classes to having a refreshing sit down chat, I experienced firsthand how powerful self expression can be when you truly embrace it. Going through the teacher training program with her as a teacher, there were dance parties in celebration, and comfortable discussions on vulnerability. Whether it was the practices she instilled in me or the vocabulary she encouraged me to explore, Michele gave me more than just skills for becoming a better teacher but also skills to better express myself. - Rachel W.
Jasmine and Michele are two of the most open-hearted, gentle and patient teachers I have ever had the privilege to know. During my Teacher Training, I learned from them not only the kind of teacher I wanted to be, but the kind of person I wanted to become. - Maria I.
The EMBER instructors [Michele and Marybeth] were amazing caring women and brought good energy into this dark place. - Inmate, Ohio Reformatory for Women
Michele is beautiful, gorgeous, hilarious magic. - Jen E.

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