Master Level Training and Attunement

Reiki Master Attunement and Teacher Training 

Masters Level Training is offered in two tracks: Level 3 (Master Attunement) and Master Teacher.

Reiki Level 3 training attunes you to the Master Level and gives you the Master Symbol. After completing the Level 3 Training, you may elect to go forward with the Master Teacher Training.

In the Master Teacher Training track you will learn to attune others, as well as how to lead Level 1, 2 and 3 Reiki trainings. Both of the options are prolonged, in-depth explorations of Reiki energy and your relationship to it as a Reiki healer.


  • Receive the Master Level attunement and the Master symbol
  • Learn ways to work with the Master symbol in conjunction with the other symbols
  • Learn to formulate questions for contemplation
  • Deepen your work with contemplation as a method of developing intuitive understanding of your experiences giving and receiving Reiki
  • Work within the energy to develop a right sense of action on your part
  • Learn to ask for information or help when giving or receiving Reiki
  • Practice exercises that heighten the sensation in certain energetic centers (chakras, hara line, center energy channel, for example) or emphasize states of being with energetic properties (koshas) so that you develop a personal, felt experience of them
  • Learn tips for handling private Reiki sessions


  • Learn to attune others to Level 1, 2 and Master Level
  • Learn to teach the Yoga on High curriculum for Level 1, 2 and Master Level
  • How to be a Master in the world
  • Talking to clients before, during and after Reiki sessions
  • Extensive practice time and time for Questions & Answers

Teachers: Marcia Miller

Dates: November 11 & 12, January 27 & 28 and April 7 & 8 from 10:00a to 4:00p each day

Cost: $1,119

Location: Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute

*Master Level Attunement Weekend included


A $100 Cancellation fee is include in the cost of the workshop. No refunds will be given within 30 days of the workshop.

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