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Linda Oshins

Linda Oshins, one of the founding partners of Yoga on High, has been practicing and teaching yoga for so long she remembers the days when the entire complement of yoga teachers in central Ohio could meet for lunch around a restaurant table for 12. She has taught yoga to a diverse population of students including the well-bodied and the ill and injured. She co-designed and co-teaches the Yoga on High 200-hour, 300-hour and specialty yoga teacher training programs including aspects of the therapeutically-oriented trainings. Her current focus is on pranayama (yoga breathing techniques) and meditation, particularly a meditation practice called iRest yoga nidra. Linda is a Reiki Master who attunes and teaches Reiki to others and sees private clients for Reiki sessions. She is part of the UZIT faculty for the Reiki training and training on being with suffering.

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