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Rhonda Kuster

Rhonda Kuster has a deep passion for, and dedication to, the art of yoga. She began her yoga journey in 1997 and has since studied with many of the best teachers in the country. Some of her principal influences have been Rodney Yee, Tim Miller, Donna Farhi, Doug Keller, and Richard Freeman.

In 2011, she completed training as an UZIT practitioners and began teaching nursing students at Kent State University and The Ursuline College of Nursing to care for themselves and their future patients using the Urban Zen techniques. She was a mentor to the 2012 group of men and women going through the Urban Zen training in New York and is one of the Master Trainers in Yoga on High’s UZIT trainings

She is inspired by her students and continues to appreciate the awe and beauty of yoga with a beginners mind—always endeavoring to “keep her cup empty” and be receptive to what is happening in each moment. Her classes are an eclectic mix of styles and influences, but usually with a focus on alignment, ease of mind, breath awareness, and yoga philosophy. She is delighted to share her practice and teaching of yoga with others to further ignite the vast joy and wonder of this beautiful art form.

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