100 hour Trauma Sensitive teacher training, columbus OH

Yoga Teacher Training

100 Hour Trauma Sensitive Teacher Training

The 100hr YOHI Trauma Sensitive TT consists of seven modules over the course of 10 months. You will receive personalized mentoring, a 10-month unlimited class pass to the studio and an in-depth understanding of teaching to traumatized populations as well as a detailed 12 week curriculum.

Module 1 – Introduction to Trauma Informed teaching EMBER TT

  • An exploration of the dynamics of creating “safe space” for practice in challenging institutional settings, particularly the singular environment of prison.
  • Instruction in specific asana, pranayama and meditation practices that have been proven effective with women and men in challenging settings and circumstances.
  • Psychiatrist and yoga teacher Lee Shackelford shares relevant aspects of brain anatomy and function to shed light on how yoga can facilitate the integration of traumatic experiences for more healthful everyday functioning in the world.
  • Overview of EMBER™ (Mindfulness Based Emotional Resilience) trauma sensitive curriculum.

Modules 2 & 5 – In-depth exploration of EMBER’s evidence based 12 week trauma sensitive curriculum (Only open to those registered in the 100hr Trauma Sensitive TT)

  • Specific, in-depth look at EMBER’s evidence-based, trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive methodology for working with women in prison, in transition, and in recovery.
  • Week by week handouts, teaching guides and sequences

Module 3 – Creating Ease, learning to teach restorative poses

  • You will also learn principles of teaching restorative poses and applications of these principles to help your students therapeutically.
  • Instruction in techniques for teaching all major categories of restorative poses (inversions, back bends, forward bends and twists) for students with varying capabilities

Module 4 – Secondary Traumatic Stress & Self-care (only open to those registered in 100hr)

  • Receive a Reiki Level 1 Training and Attunement 
  • Conversations on how this work can affect you as a teacher and as a human.
  • Exploration of student-teacher dynamics, including issues of transference, boundaries, and the importance of teacher self-care
  • Full day of self-care practices and strategies to support your journey as a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher

Module 6 – Yoga & Anxiety

  • Basic physiology of stress and anxiety
  • Instruction in specific asana, pranayama and meditation practices that can help alleviate and ease the discomfort of anxiety for your students

Module 7 – Certification (Only open to those doing 100hr)

  • You will teach a 90 minute trauma sensitive yoga class to a group of your peers.
  • Discussion regarding how to get started: practical strategies for establishing EMBER classes in prisons, therapeutic communities, hospitals, detention centers, and rehabilitation facilities.
  • Graduation celebration – you will receive a Yoga on High and EMBER Yoga certificate that will certify you to teach Trauma Sensitive yoga, and specifically, the evidence based EMBER yoga trauma sensitive curriculum.

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Michele Vinbury, Marcia Miller and Marybeth Hamilton

The 2016-17 program has started. If you are interested in applying for future programs please contact the front desk at 291-4444.

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