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200 Hour Teacher Training

The Yoga on High Teacher Training and Ayurveda Institute: School of Yoga Teacher Training’s 200 hour Program prepares you to teach intelligently sequenced, safe, and well-rounded classes to a variety of students. 

During the 9-month interactive program you will have plenty of hands-on opportunity to put your new skills to use and find your voice as a teacher, and you get to choose a focus - Hatha, with elements of teaching beginners, special populations and therapeutics or Vinyasa, with elements of power styles, slow flow and fusion.

Over the past 12 years Yoga on High has graduated some of the top yoga teachers in Ohio - Join our family and become part of this history!

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The Yoga on High Teacher Training program offers a full-spectrum curriculum. Upon graduation you will be able to:

  • Teach basic principles of alignment with confidence and clarity
  • Analyze a pose and break it into focused points in order to introduce it to students in increments
  • Design intelligently sequenced classes
  • Teach breath awareness to beginners
  • Teach simple restorative poses
  • Lead guided relaxations & meditations
  • Understand general principles of anatomy as they apply to teaching yoga
  • “Read” a student’s body and make proper adjustments
  • Be familiar with general principles of yoga philosophy
  • Understand classroom ethics and professionalism
  • Understand pertinent aspects of the business of yoga – insurance needs for teachers, yoga alliance requirements and marketing basics

As part of the tuition and materials, you receive a teacher training manual, access to Yoga on High’s Online Training platform, and sample nine-week beginners’ course outlines. You also receive a 9-month, unlimited pass to Yoga on High and a 3-day, offsite silent retreat. We begin our nine-month long, 200 hour programs twice a year. The one that starts in March meets one weekend a month, and the September program meets weekly on Thursday nights. You can choose the option that best fits your schedule.


  • We require that you take a minimum of one asana class at the studio per week as well as maintain a daily practice (which can be at home)
  • Attend teacher training sessions
  • Attend 3-day silent retreat
  • Attend Philosophy weekend workshop
  • Assist 30 hours to get real experience in the classroom
  • Minimum 20 hours of practice teaching (outside of studio)

All teacher training sessions, student online portal access, mentored assisting sessions, personal yoga classes and the silent retreat are included in the tuition. There are no additional fees except for the cost of your books or any workshops not included in your teacher training that you wish to attend.


We understand that choosing the right program for your yogic journey and overall learning experience is a big decision. We would love to meet with you in person or chat via phone to share more about the Yoga on High Teacher Training and Ayurveda Institute: School of Yoga Teacher Training.  Our mission is to provide quality education, practical experience and personal transformation steeped in the traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda for today’s world!

To apply please fill out our online application submission form or download and complete the application, and email, mail, fax or bring it into Yoga on High.


Yoga on High has graduated some of the top Yoga Teachers in the community over the past 12 years. Our 200 Hour program, a pre-requisite to the 300 Hour Advanced Program, is a comprehensive 9-month curriculum leading to yoga teacher certification and registration through Yoga Alliance. With the guidance of experienced teachers and mentors, students will learn how to teach intelligently sequenced, safe, and well-rounded classes to a variety of students within the Hatha and Vinyasa tradition. If you are considering teacher training, join lead teachers, meet some of our graduates, and discuss details of the program. You are also welcome to email applications@yogaonhigh.com or call 614-291-4444 for information or to set up a personal meeting.

All 200 Hour Programs will be discussed.

Sunday, January 28th from 1:30p to 2:15p at Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute

To register for an info session please call the front desk at 614.291.4444 or enroll online.


For more information on our Teacher Training programs please contact our Teacher Training & Ayurveda Coordinator, Breanna Mustard , via email at breanna@yogaonhigh.com. We would be happy to schedule a time to meet with you via phone or in person. Namaste.

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