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300 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga on High’s Teacher Training Institute is offering a 300-hour, Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Training program that is therapeutically focused. It addresses the physical body, energy body, and the mental/emotional body. Because the program is yoga-based, and all healing starts from within, it also offers you strategies and personal insight into caring for yourself—a necessary first step in caring for others. Upon graduation from this program you will be qualified to work with your students in group and private session in ways that are beneficial and healthful to people faced with health challenges.

In this program you will study

  • Yoga principles for fostering health and well-being in your students/clients]
  • Methods of working with students with injuries and physical limitations.
  • Yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation practices that support people with specific health conditions including, but not limited to, back pain, depression, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.   
  • What scientific research is saying about yoga as a healing practice.
  • The role of stress in disease and methods and practices to reduce it in daily life.
  • The yogic map of the energy body and ways of understanding and working with Reiki as a wellness-promoting modality. Also, understanding asana and pranayama as energy practices.
  • Working ethically with private clients, small private groups and public yoga classes.
  • Philosophical and psychological themes in personal growth and healing.
  • Supporting yourself as a therapeutically-oriented yoga teacher, including pricing for your services and marketing tips.

This program is experiential and highly student-driven. It includes ample practice-teaching time in small groups to cement the approaches and skills covered in the program. Students can also assist senior teachers in classes designed to address the needs of ill or injured students. Contact us for a list of our specialized, therapeutically-oriented classes.

Wellness-focused Teacher Training Faculty

Marcia Miller leads the faculty, which also includes nationally-known guest teachers who are recognized experts in their fields of interest.

Marcia has been a therapeutically-orient yoga teacher for over 40 years, seeing private clients and teaching classes that address targeted problems such as back pain, joint pain, cancer, diabetes, and cardiac problems, among others. In 2005 through 2012, she worked with researchers at The Ohio State University Medical Center to design the yoga protocols for studies exploring the effects of yoga on the immune system. Through the years, she has acted as a hands-on mentor to yoga teachers who are working with various fragile, at-risk populations, helping them develop specialized curricula for their students and hone their teaching skills. Marcia is a long-time yoga teacher, Reiki Master and practitioner of embodied Non-Violent Communication, and her goal in life is easing suffering one person at a time.

Guest faculty in 2016 includes Leslie Kaminoff on anatomy and breath-centered yoga, Doug Keller on shoulder anatomy and maintaining shoulder functionality, and Stephanie Lopez on iRest™ yoga nidra, an approach to meditation with proven benefits for those with PTSD.

Requirements for Enrollment

To enroll in this program you must have graduated from a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in good standing and have completed at least 100 hours of teaching classes or private sessions.

Dates: The program meets on various weekends over a period of 2 ½ years (30 months), with rolling enrollment so you may begin anytime.

Tuition: There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $150.  At the time of enrollment, you may choose from one of the following payment plans:

  • Paid in full: one payment of $5,529.
  • Monthly installments: 30 payments of $192 totaling $5,760

Tuition includes all eligible workshops, mentorship and assisting fees, and an unlimited class pass to Yoga on High for the length of the program.

Please email with questions.


To apply please use our online submission form or download and complete the application and email, mail or bring it into Yoga on High.

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