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Lara Falberg

Lara Falberg, E-RYT, was trained in Atlanta, Georgia and finished her 200 hr TT in February of 2006. Having worked as a social worker in hospitals and at the District Attorney's office, she was ready and primed for a life that offered less stress and more peace. She began teaching full-time in Atlanta in August of 2006, put out an instructional DVD called Yoga Dose in 2008, and migrated north to Columbus in January 2010. She teaches in the Vinyasa style, but also loves to workshop poses, offer opportunity for partner assists, and her favorite thing is to come up with creative, energetic sequences and transitions. Yoga offers a myriad of opportunities to get to know oneself and those around you in a profound way. But the joy and fun, the lightness and exhilaration are what make yoga so phenomenal. She had trained with Kathyrn Budig, Rodney Yee, Sean Corn, Dharma Mittra, Sean Tebor, and Cyndi Lee. Her classes offer an opportunity to shine and play big while still nurturing what you bring to the mat on a given day. Sometimes playing big means dialing it back to conserve energy and respect the given parameters of a body in a given practice. She loves Columbus and the community that is being built by the yoga lovers who live here. She takes full advantage of the dog parks, festivals, events, and trainings here. She is also a field instructor with the College of Social Work at OSU, and teaches continuing education at OSU that involves yoga philosophy and how to incorporate that within a social work practice. She will be teaching at the Southeast Yoga Conference in Atlanta, Georgia this October along with Natasha Rizopoulus, Sean Tebor, Sarah Faircloth, and David Regalin.

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