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Philosophy Weekend with Yoga on High Partners

To the partners at Yoga on High, yoga philosophy is a living, breathing inquiry into our true selves, not just an academic or intellectual pursuit. This ongoing inquiry informs the other limbs of yoga—asana, pranayama, meditation as well as our daily lives—and at this point our yoga and our daily lives are not separate entities but interwoven like a fine tapestry. Our primary practices are non-dualistic in nature. What does that mean? Come and find out. For this workshop, you will read Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: The Art of Listening, by Billy Doyle and have plenty of time to discuss it. As a group, we will meditate together—meditations on the breath, iRest yoga nidra and other techniques that will bring the philosophy we discuss to life. We know you have also practiced bringing yoga philosophy alive in your classes and life. We will discuss your approaches as well. Perhaps you have sat through dry philosophy programs in the past. This is not another one. No prior meditation experience is required to participate.


Marcia Miller, Linda Oshins, Jasmine Grace, and Michele Vinbury

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