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Natalie Bitton

Graduation Year: 

I am a passionate & devoted Mother, Wife, Yogi  & Artist.  I love being inspired by anything that sparks my senses.

What you are doing now: 

Currently teaching alignment-conscious Vinyasa Flow classes at Mat Happy, Replenish Yoga Spa & Bexley Yoga.

What you gained from Yoga on High: 

Through YOHI's TT program, I have gained the ability to access my most authentic self and finding comfort in accepting who I am and what I have to offer.  I bring this into my teaching by allowing my creativity to shine when coming up with a class sequence-following my heart and true passion for Yoga.  I have gained patience, awareness, mindfulness and love for my body, mind and spirit and all these elements are considered when I teach.  Yoga has been a deep passion of mine for over 16 years but it wasn't until TT that I fully understood the impact it made on my life. I want others to experience all the magical benefits that I have experienced through Yoga.

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