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Yoga on High has a fantastic teacher program and I plan to continue my journey at the teacher training institute to achieve my RYT-500. Thank you YOHI....for all you do!!!!!


I learned so much from my teachers. They gave me all the tools that I needed to become a yoga teacher. They helped me come out of my shell so that I could help others feel good about themselves through yoga. I am very thankful for my experience.


The Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute is one of the best. Teachers are amazing mentors who prepare you to teach a safe yoga class with confidence. I would recommend Yoga on High to anyone who asks.


Yoga on High is much more than a yoga studio, much more than the sum of its parts, much more than any of the individuals that make it great. Yoga on High is a diverse community, deeply and broadly rooted in yogic ethics and values - encouraging openness, joy, and compassion in and for students, teachers, and members of the larger community/communities.


The AHE program is a journey to find balance and awareness around making lifestyle choices to support yourself and model wellness for others.


Absolutely LOVED this program! It was so much more than I expected! I am honored to say I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga On High and the amazing teachers!


I had a wonderful experience completing my training with Yoga on High. The program was very intense and provided extensive teaching, instruction and knowledge that was relevant to the subject. The instructors were very supportive and made themselves available for training, instruction and additional support.


Yoga on High's Teacher Training course is well thought-out, thorough, and very well taught. I finished feeling confident in my ability to teach New Beginners and Level 1 Hatha classes. Yoga on High also offers many continuing education classes which I intend to attend. I am very fortunate to live near such an outstanding facility.


Yoga on High provides a diverse staff of experts that helps every yogi find his or her place within the bigger picture. I was delighted to learn from teachers with such vast knowledge and practical experience.


I learned so much with this program and was exposed to many amazing teachers that I would not have otherwise met. I also met great friends and colleagues that will support my yoga practice and career as it progresses.


One of the most prominent features of Yoga on High's TT Program is its location - a harmonious, remodeled, spacious, and naturally well-lit environment. The teachers are experienced and knowledgeable; ...this particular program encompasses all of the necessities to create a successful and certified Yoga Teacher!


I had previously gone through another TT program and with the Yoga on High course, I was so impressed with the attention to detail, especially the focus on anatomy and reading bodies. Awesome for teachers wanting a different perspective and to deepen their teaching ability.

I have learned more about bearing witness, finding my feet and living with the unknown than ever in my life.  I swear I thank God daily for you, my Urban Zen Training and all of my dear friends I have made through this training. I am managing with grace, ease, joy, pain and with a trust in myself I never had before.

I've taken a lot of yoga trainings and this has been one of my absolute favorites. You are all such wonderful teachers. And at the silent retreat I had such a healing experience under a tree during our walking meditation that it completely changed my life and allowed me to finish a chapter in my book that I started writing 6 years ago. I'm so grateful this training has been part of my path of healing.

Jennifer Fremion, RN, UZIT class of 2016

I learned more than I expected at Yoga on High and was confident to go out into the world to teach yoga after the training!


The Yoga on High teacher training program is extremely comprehensive with an excellent balance of theory and practice in all aspects of yoga teaching, and provides students with diverse learning opportunities and instructors within the Yoga on High community. More importantly, the program focuses on creating a community of learners who work together and support each other throughout the program.


The training that I have received at Yoga on High, and continue to receive, is of the highest quality.


The best studio in Columbus Ohio. Teacher training program is superb.


It’s thrilling to be with like-minded and diverse individuals on the same path to enlightenment.


The training went far above and beyond anything I had expected. I cannot express how thorough, kind, knowledgeable, patient, and skilled these teachers are. Amazing and life changing experience.


The school has a depth and breadth of knowledge from the instructors and administrative staff. The program and curriculum is thorough, organized, and will provide you with tools for success.


Yoga on High


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